Why Google Reader is My Only Friend

(This post is a series for Social Media Week at BSU, Today’s theme is Technology)

I have a blogging problem…it might not show with the scare updates on this blog, (minus this week) but I do. With 3 different word press accounts that I have to log into daily, my blogging organization was forced to get a little better.

I’ve always been a big fan of google, and all of their add ons (I am in a full-blown love affair with Gmail and google docs…don’t you dare try to talk me down from my high.) So when I discovered google reader, because having all of the blogs I read bookmarked wasn’t cutting it, I kind of jizzed in my pants.

For those of you still living in the stone age and using Internet Explorer, Google reader is an amazing tool that allows you to read all of the blogs you follow in one place. ONE PLACE. You don’t even have to click between tabs if you aren’t into that sort of thing, you can read all of the new updates in one stream. I love it so much I just might marry it.

So, with that. I read a lot of blogs. Reading takes up a lot of my time. Lately my time has been like this : 25% school, 50% blogging, 20%reading other blogs (on google reader), 5% hanging out with friends.  I spend more time reading blogs than I do with my friends…I can sense of worry in your eyes.

But do not fret! that 5% of my time is pure quality time, although sometimes I do end up going on my computer just to see if anyone else has updated their blog. I do not have a problem! Well maybe, a little.

It’s only because google reader has become my friend that tells me all of the information I need to know, without me having to wait or go anywhere to hear it. AND it never tells me in a brag-ey way that makes me feel like an idiot. It just tells me, and provides pretty pictures.

It even gives me tabs up top that let me visit my other friends Gmail and Google Docs. It knows that even though it is my favorite I need to spend time with my other friends too.

Because of this craze with instant technology, people have become impatient not to mention unable to focus (please note I not only have iTunes open, a chat on Aim, 3 chats on Facebook and a tab for twitter open while writing this). Things, such a google reader, make checking your email/twitter/anything on the computer a longer process because you get sucked into reading the rest of the blog updates from that day. And, because most blogs update at least 20 times a day (probably way more) you have a lot of catching up to do.

So I spend a lot of quality time with my google reader (and Sara Bareilles of course.) Throughout this year we have come to terms with each other, and although I was a little wary at first I have come to love my new friend. And to be thankful for the organization it has given to my writing infused mess of a life.

What T.V. Taught me About Sex

(This post is a series for Social Media Week at BSU, Today’s theme is Learning)

Growing up in a small home town wasn’t really the ideal place to learn about sex. They basically explained to us that it is bad, and you shouldn’t have it until you are married. Both reasons that did not stop me from having it, sorry mom and dad.

As a young girl I discovered many outlets to find out what sex was all about,  I was curious. I knew that is sometimes resulted in a baby  and you couldn’t have it until you were married…not really enough information for me. The first time I read about it was in Judy Bloom’s book “Forever”, which I am sure every thirteen year old is made to read.

Bloom taught me the passionate love that could be found from having it, and how heart breaking it was when you lost it. But that wasn’t enough…I wanted more.

Luckily there was a late night talk show that answered my questions, that’s right I’m talking about “Talk Sex” with Sue Johnson. Now there was a woman who was not afraid to go into detail about the pains, and things that maybe you shouldn’t try to do…ever. She was my google before I knew what google was.

From there I learned that sex can be fun, and shouldn’t be something that is hush-hush, thank you Candace Bushnell. The woman who brought Carrie Bradshaw to life, and made every young journalist yearn to become a sex columnist.

The girls of sex in the city taught me not to be embarrassed about anything and that faking your enjoyment is never an option. Both things I’ve come to understand.

There were still so many technical questions I had, that I could never bring to my friends, and definitely not my parents! So I turned off the T.V.  and turned to yahoo answers…not a very bright plan.

But T.V. shows, books and searches online can never really prepare you for sex. Sex is something you need to be ready for. And no matter how many episodes you watch of The Secret Life of The American Teenager, you will never really be able to understand it.

Sex Education is a subject that tends to be forgotten in public schools, basically they teach you not to have sex. But the truth is teens are having sex, and  it is important they know how to prevent pregnancy and STDS. But for that to happen, parents and school officials need to stop acting like sex is some big scary thing that they can’t talk about.

Sex is a topic that should be talked about, and needs to be. Don’t ever feel embarrassed to ask someone about something…that’s how you learn.

Why I’m okay with being Rejected by Columbia

With two months left of school and now no plan afterwards I should be freaking out a little more than I am now. But honestly, now that I’ve processed everything…I’m fine.

Last night I got the news that Columbia wasn’t going to be meeting me in August. I was heartbroken, I have wanted to go to the Columbia J school since Freshman year of high school. I sat and cried while continually rereading the rejection letter hoping I had read it wrong or that it would magically change if I looked at it long enough. It didn’t. And the more I stared at it the clearer it became I needed to close the window and get ice cream.

Columbia has been turning out journalists for years, and I’m sure they are all great writers. But I could never be one of them, I have my way of writing and my way of thinking. I don’t need a school to tell me I’m good at what I do, the hits on this blog and my posts for Collegecandy tell me that. Not to mention, I don’t like writing news…at all. I actually want to write about celebrities and pop culture, I would absolutely love to write an article on finding the best LBD for your body shape. That is what I want to write about. I don’t expect anything I write about to be some amazing life changing story, I just want it to entertain someone for the brief seconds or minutes it takes them to read it.

At work today I realized that in order to be a writer you can’t count on other people thinking you are good. You can only count on yourself, and while I have felt like that for most of my life, with my writing I always turned to other people’s opinions on how to make it better or to see if they thought it was good enough. When really, I needed to convince myself that it was good enough first…since my opinion is the one that really matters (Not including editors and potential publishing companies).

So, thank you Columbia for rejecting me. You have helped me realize my potential, and that I don’t need an ivy league school to tell me I can write.