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Why I’m okay with being Rejected by Columbia

With two months left of school and now no plan afterwards I should be freaking out a little more than I am now. But honestly, now that I’ve processed everything…I’m fine.

Last night I got the news that Columbia wasn’t going to be meeting me in August. I was heartbroken, I have wanted to go to the Columbia J school since Freshman year of high school. I sat and cried while continually rereading the rejection letter hoping I had read it wrong or that it would magically change if I looked at it long enough. It didn’t. And the more I stared at it the clearer it became I needed to close the window and get ice cream.

Columbia has been turning out journalists for years, and I’m sure they are all great writers. But I could never be one of them, I have my way of writing and my way of thinking. I don’t need a school to tell me I’m good at what I do, the hits on this blog and my posts for Collegecandy tell me that. Not to mention, I don’t like writing news…at all. I actually want to write about celebrities and pop culture, I would absolutely love to write an article on finding the best LBD for your body shape. That is what I want to write about. I don’t expect anything I write about to be some amazing life changing story, I just want it to entertain someone for the brief seconds or minutes it takes them to read it.

At work today I realized that in order to be a writer you can’t count on other people thinking you are good. You can only count on yourself, and while I have felt like that for most of my life, with my writing I always turned to other people’s opinions on how to make it better or to see if they thought it was good enough. When really, I needed to convince myself that it was good enough first…since my opinion is the one that really matters (Not including editors and potential publishing companies).

So, thank you Columbia for rejecting me. You have helped me realize my potential, and that I don’t need an ivy league school to tell me I can write.

This Guy, Won’t be Getting Any “Pie”!

I’m sure most of you internet savvy readers are aware of the email that is spreading like wild-fire around popular blogs. And if you are not, head over to Jezebel to check it out. But as a warning it is another degrading and disgusting excuse of a damaged man rambling about what he really wishes his college experience had been like.

Yes, I am a little bitter about the email. No I will not apologize for any attacks I plan on making about the author of that email. Now, let us begin with some of my favorite parts of the email:

“Let’s be honest, if it isn’t raw it isn’t real. Drawbacks of this philosophy are that you may have to visit the clinic more often than not, but a quick penicillin shot really isn’t that bad (trust me).”

Well first off, I’m so glad he is concerned about pregnancy. Because obviously that should be at the top of someones mind. Also, it is  refreshing to see how he cares about women’s health. Oh wait, he doesn’t do that…at all. Instead this frat boy is only concerned about scoring some “pie.” Oh if you haven’t read it yet “pie” is what he refers to the vagina as. Super romantic.

But then again a man who says this:

“Note: I will refer to females as “targets”. They aren’t actual people like us men. Consequently, giving them a certain name or distinction is pointless.”

Probably doesn’t care too much about the feelings of women. I really hope this guy has some sort of mental issue going on. I just can not see any other reason to talk about another human being like this. It’s disgusting.

The best part is that this man has slept with over 50 women! 50 women lined up to let this guy stick it in. I don’t know if I should be impressed that this guy is so manipulative to have scored that much, or extremely disappointed in my gender for letting this guy infect them! 50, is an obscene number considering this guy is 22 tops, unless he is a forever college student who needs to grow up, graduate and get a real life. Which in all truth could be the case.

Let me paint a picture of a 30-year-old man boy who still lives in a frat house dreaming of the days when he could actually land a young woman and have a connection with her. But now, he has no women in his life and since  his GPA was so low he was rejected from all of the graduate programs he applied too. So, he’s stuck working at the local fast food restaurant and still living in the Frat house watching his brothers live out their glory days while he sits on the couch resting his beer on his pot belly.

Although that would make me feel an ounce of sadness for him, there is no excuse for saying any of that. I don’t care if it is just “guy talk,” if you talk about any person in that manner you  obviously have something wrong with you mentally and should seek help. Immediately.