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I Would’ve Eaten the Apple too

Since this was my last semester at school I decided to take a random selection of courses. One of those being sociology 101. Not really sure what I was getting myself into, I braced myself for learning about societies and how people function, or fail to function, in them.

I was not, however, prepared for a lecture on how women suck and deserve this treatment “because Eve (from Adam and Eve) had a small little bite of an apple.”

Maybe home girl was hungry, maybe home girl wanted to gain some knowledge. Not to mention I think we all know how curious we get if when told don’t do that. And I think we all know when someone says “Don’t touch the red button” we’re going to touch the red button.

It’s not like Eve forced Adam to eat the apple, she merely suggested to him that it was delicious and gave her some insight. It’s not her fault that God wanted to make sure he was the only one who had knowledge and wanted to make sure women stayed uneducated. Just sayin‘.

I understand this was in long long ago times (the exact date, I’m not quite so sure of), what I don’t understand is why people are using this as a reason for underpaying women, and treating them like crap. Because, let’s be real..there is no reason for that shit (pardon my language readers) to be happening.

If you are going to blame some chick eating an apple (I know but she wasn’t supposed to blah blah blah) for giving women the ability to birth children (aka create life..no big) and call it a bad thing. Then I’m sorry but you are just dumb.

Please realize I do respect your religions. I just don’t think it should have any affect in the way people treat me. I also don’t feel that men are superior in any way shape or form. Basically, women kick ass. And if you can’t handle that feel free to leave America and join the middle east.

Feminists of BSU (and the blogosphere) Unite!

(This post is a series for Social Media Week at BSU, Today’s theme is Community)

So, as of lately, I’ve become..well kind of a bit of a feminist. and by a bit I mean a lot. Honestly,  I don’t know why I was so blind for so long! Women rock (I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible)! We are awesome…not only are we smart, responsible, willing to work hard to get ahead, have smokin’ bods (forget body image problems…we are all beautiful), and we can kick butt at sports.

So why is there all of this hate towards women? We get picked last in dodge ball, are constantly being put down by our counter parts, being paid less than our counter parts (for the same freakin’ job), and don’t even get me started on how women are constantly putting themselves down (thank you fashion industry for that one.)

Let’s be real here, women rule the world. Who is responsible for the population…oh that’s right women. We carry your ass around with us for 9 months, and what do we get? Lower pay because of it.

At BSU, 60(ish)% of its students are female. 60(ish)-freakin-%. That means only 40% are male. Yet, who is getting the special treatment? Who is still getting the jobs? men…if someone could please explain this to me that would be fantastic!

It astounds me to think some Professors (I’ve seen it in my classes) still look at all women as little house wives and not educated people who are trying to gain more knowledge. At BSU I have actually had a professor dismiss my answer (and most girls in the class), but then applaud when a minute later a male student says the same answer, the same way.

Hi, it’s the 21st century. Women have the choice of where they want their lives to go. And no one, (read: NO ONE) has the power to tell us what we can and can’t do. Take life and embrace it for all it’s worth. Do everything you can to stand up for yourself, don’t let men or other women put you down! Especially in a scholarly community like this one where everyone should be treated fairly.

Well DMF, it seems like that isn’t the case. I’m doing my part to help change this, what are you doing?