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How to have kissable lips:

It’s that time of year again, when your lips go from “I don’t hate you, you can wear lipstick” to “death eater.”

As much as I love winter, well mainly the snow and outdoor skating, I hate how chapped everything gets (From your legs to your lips! )

So I wanted to help everyone out, because I know that kissing someone with chappedlips is not really that fun. In fact I’ve pulled out chapstick for them before, yes it was as awkward as it sounds.

The first thing that is important to realize is that it’s never too late to have kissable lips! The problem is actually easy to fix.


::To be done before bed ::

Step 1: Take a tooth-brush, or a dishcloth, and run under hot water for a few minutes.

Step 2: Making sure it isn’t too hot apply to your lips, and lightly rub in circular motions. This will help to take any dry skin off your lips, leaving them smoother.

Step 3: pat your lips dry.

Step 4: Apply lip balm (I recommend “Nivea A kiss of Smoothness” in the light blue packaging)  but vaseline, or blistex work just as well.

Step 5: –repeat process for three nights

By day three you should be seeing a huge difference in the smoothness of your lips.

For making them kissable…a couple more steps are needed.

For me, I’m not really into lipstick…I find it awkward and sticky. I’m more of a colored chapstick or silky amazing lip gloss girl.

So I’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s really easy to make those luscious lips of yours looked prepped for a Kiss!

Kiss-afy- yourself!

::to be done anytime::

Step 1: First start by applying your favorite chapstick. It will not only give you a good base to work with, but we need to make sure we always keep those things moisturized! This is where the kissability treatment ends for guys…unless they are into lipstick, which is cool.

Step 2: Buy a lip liner pencil, it’s best to choose one that easily blends into your lipstick color of choice. Secret Tip: The best way to find your best lipstick color is to shop for a one sans makeup, this way you will find a color that looks great on you when you are au natural.

Step 3: Trace those smooth lips with your pencil. For those with small lips (or are just unsatisfied with their shape or size) use the pencil to define a bigger shape or to adjust the appearance of the size of your lips.

Step 4: If you are still unsatisfied with your lip plumpness try using a lip plumping gloss. I’ve never used any kind of lip plumping gloss (I’m, 1. satisfied with the plumpness of my lips and 2. think it’s weird how a gloss can make your lips pump-er) but it does come recommended from friends..you just need to get over the weird tingling feeling.

Step 5: Apply your choice of lipstick, whether that be gloss, colored chapstick…whatever your poison is. Make sure you stay in the lines while coloring though! And check for any stray marks on your teeth…that will never seem kissable.

Step 6: Remember your best accessory is your smile! So show those pearly whites and you’ll be fighting off the guys (or girls)