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Why I Will Never Drink Water Near My Computer Again

It was just after this that she spilt the rest of the water on her laptop and cried

Every Monday and Wednesday I sit at my desk from 10-4. And in that period of time I usually drink 3 glasses of water (at least) and 1 or 2 cups of tea.

Now both of those things do not have lids and the idea of either of them ever spilling on my laptop had never occurred to me. Just one of those things you don’t really think will happen to you.

I was wrong to think that way.

On Monday March 23rd, 2011 I spilt an entire cup of water on my lap top. Not only did I freak out and move so fast you would have thought I had dropped a baby on their head but I was also in the middle of work and was rushing to try to call my boss to let her now the horrible situation that just took place.

She soothed my woes by telling me that it was possible it would be completely fine and under no circumstances turn it on, just let it dry. I sat on my bed holding my self wishing it was some other week, earlier that week I had received an email from an employee in which she told me that I was rude, condescending, undermined others, and sucked at being a leader. All in all not a great week.

The entire night I replayed the way my hand had graced my cup, the way my cup full of water had teetered, and then tipped the wrong way and spilt across my keyboard and screen. How I had leapt to grab it and yank it the other way, but was too late.

From that moment on I vowed I would never drink an open cup of  water near my computer. I didn’t want to take the risk of hurting my computer again.

This is pretty consistent with my love life, well non-existent love life. Except I can’t be fixed by being propped up and having a fan pointed at me. I do usually shut down in the same manner though, immediate and a black screen usually pops up, I won’t turn on for a while. And for the next month or slow I’ll run a little slow, and pop up warning signs of the chance of being hurt again.

But unlike my computer I won’t take a risk again, I won’t just automatically trust you. If you hurt me, I won’t be able to look at you the same way. fortunately my computer doesn’t have feelings or eyes and still lets me use it, and has sprung back to life at a fast rate.

I’m not willing to take chances of leaving my heart open waiting to be spilled again (yeah that’s an awkward metaphor..but you’re just going to have to deal with it.)  After awhile you just have to ask yourself is the risk worth the reward? In the case of my computer, is the risk of spilling hot tea worth the reward of drinking it by my computer? probably not. But that’s why I moved my dresser to make my desk more like a super desk, and now it is far enough that it won’t spill but close enough that I can still reach it.

And with me, I don’t know if I can handle being hurt again. I’ve gotten so used to burying myself in work and school that when I have a second to stop, I don’t want to share it with someone. I’ve become accustomed to being alone as a sort of protection. So I keep people just within my reach, but not close enough to cause any damage.

9 things you should NEVER say to a Professor

I will admit, sometimes I am not the wisest person in class. I may even sit in the back and begin to nod off. (I know, sorry Professors!) And sometimes I say things that, even looking back on now, make me hang my head in shame. But there are certain things students should just…well…keep quiet about during class, or even in emails or pretty much NEVER, I repeat NEVER, say to a professor. I’ve witnessed multiple accounts of questions, statements, things that just shouldn’t be brought up to anyone. And they were said in class, and said seriously.

9. “The Titanic isn’t real! It’s just a movie” – So you are arguing with your Professor, which is great because Professors welcome the challenge. But in this situation you fail. If you are going to accuse something like…I don’t know, the TITANTIC, of being complete and total fiction, maybe do your research or at least pay attention in class.

8. “I’m still drunk right now!” – Great, I’m really glad you had a fun time last night. But this is a class you paid for (1) and (2) all of the other students in your class paid for it as well and (3) your Professor is actually trying to teach them. No one cares if you are still drunk, especially your Professor. So maybe just leave and find the closest AA meeting.

“My dog ate my homework”/ “My roommate spilled water on my homework and I didn’t have time to get to a printer” – This isn’t high school if you didn’t do your homework, then you didn’t do your homework. Your Professor might be annoyed, but regardless, it will be a zero. And if you make up some lame excuse, it will just aggravate your professor more.

6. “ You never told us when the papers/test was due!”– Hmm…do you have a syllabus? Chances are, anything that is going to be happening this semester (like a test..) will be listed there. And also, this is College…you are responsible for paying attention in class and looking on a syllabus, which is why they give you one, not to just be thrown away after the first class.

5. Professor: “please put you cell phone away” Student “Hold on, it’s really important!“-Okay, this is a big one for me. I don’t understand how people can be so rude! I know you text all the time when you friend is talking to you, which is still rude, but this is your Professor who is trying to TEACH you something. Weird, I know. But regardless this is your money; don’t you want to try to get something out of it? And P.S. in your Professor’s world, the most important thing is what is happening in class right now, so the fact that your best friend just sent you a text about some wild party tonight doesn’t really match up. Put away the cell phone and pick up a pencil.

4. “Is there any way I could get an extension on the paper that was due today, I had a really big test I had to study for in another class” – One of the many unique skills that you can take away from College is the ability to Multi-Task. This usually occurs within the first year of college when you have 3 essays and 2 tests the next day. And waited until the last-minute to start either. Professors assign you work for their class knowing you potentially have 4 other classes to worry about, but keep in mind they still need you to do the work ON TIME…why should you do work for one class but not another?

3.”I know we just took the test yesterday but I was just wondering what my grade was…” –So you know how it took you about an hour and fifteen minutes to take the test? Now that test that you wrote those amazing essays on has to be corrected and read and have all the errors marked. And not just for yours but for everyone in your class and then the other 3 sections. And your professor also would like to live their life and have time to see their family, while you go out and party.

2. “Did I miss anything important in class”- I really hope you wouldn’t say that to a Professor. Please, promise me you won’t. Asking them if you missed anything important is like slapping them in the face then asking for the high lights of class. Everything in class is important according to the professor, if it weren’t, they obviously wouldn’t be teaching it. In the future just ask a student in your class.

1.“I paid a lot of money to take this course, I want an A”- when you go to college it is supposed to be to further your learning/education. Yes, we all want an A (especially since Grad. school is ten times more competitive than 4 years ago) but you need to earn your A. Or at least make you Professor think you are earning your grade, because they sure won’t care that you paid for this class (just like every other student in the class).

A special Thanks/shout out to @annoyedPRprof for some great ideas on how NOT to act in a classroom!