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How to make me angry:

WARNING: this is a thing’s I hate post (inspired by Penelope Trunk) except mine is more whiney and I’m okay with it.

OKay, so this week has been one of my least favorite weeks in a long time. It was one of those weeks where if it can go wrong, chances are it will and it will be because of something you did. I’ve even gotten to the point where while I’m writing this, with my legs taking up one couch so people won’t sit in front of me and my bag taking up a chair, that I give the dirtiest looks to the groups of people standing near me or if they ask me to move my legs I act obnoxiously and huff my way through it. This isn’t normally me, I normally am pretty nice and smile a lot…but some weeks you just have enough. And this week I have had enough!

number 1: Letting people down

This is a two-way street for me. I hate being let down, but more than anything I hate letting people down. I feel like I ran over a puppy when someone tells me I let them down. It’s the worst feeling in the world (well at least top ten)

number 2: Lying/ Know it alls

He doesn't like know it alls either

We all lie..but some people lie too much about too many things. Lying hurts people and making up long detailed stories to make yourself look better isn’t really worth it. I know because I used to be one of those people, not on purpose…I would just say something that was a complete lie to impress the person. I wouldn’t even be trying to lie it would just happen. And then I used to lie to random people I didn’t know about having a boyfriend…that’s when I realized I was going down a slippery slope. And know it alls (ugh) it’s everything they say and do that bothers me. When they think that they have all the answers…they don’t! We’re in college…no one has all the answers! And if you did have all the answers…why are you here? I don’t understand how people can be so knowledgeable about every single subject I bring up..come on really?!

number 3: Saying “hehe”

I don’t know why, it seems really silly..but when people type hehe it bothers me so much! It’s like hearing an annoying ringing that you can’t stop..seriously though! I wish I was kidding. It’s usually when guys type it that my skin starts to crawl and I close the IM box. But when anyone says it, it is just really annoying. It’s kind of like the word moist (ew) I can’t stand either things.

number 4: Not having goals

why? Why can’t you have a goal…”Because I won’t be able to complete it.” WOW you will go far. Having goals isn’t always about completing them, it’s about having something to get to, something to reach for. When you couldn’t walk, it was the ability to walk, when you couldn’t ride your back without training wheels..you eventually got there! What is so scary about creating new and improved goals? nothing!

That's pretty much what I see, except slightly less hairy.

number 5: Not Believing in yourself

Whoever you are, whatever you are doing I’m sure you are fantastic at it! And you need to believe that too. (You also need to be aware that you can always learn more and to not shut people out that are trying to help) but for the most part if you believe you rock, other people will follow suit. So stop acting like a mopey 13-year-old, get off your but and do something! Even if it’s just starting a blog!

Now that I’m done, and the clouds are a beautiful golden-yellow. It’s actually gorgeous it looks like someone painted each layer…I love the after math of rain storms. When everything is green and the sun starts to try to come out. Sorry off topic.

What do you hate? Do you even think it’s okay to hate things? (I definetly do, and think it’s healthy. Imagine if no one hated anything…there would be such a one sided passion) So you agree/disagree? I want to know, let me have it!

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll get better with updating.