How to Get over the stomach flu:

Recently I caught the disgusting stomach flu…let me tell you it was hell. I threw up for FOUR hours straight…but enough about that. Here are some tips you can do to hopefully ease your pain.

Step 1: Once you have discovered you have the stomach flu..usually because you suddenly have a desire to throw up..head to the nearest toilet.  fortunately I live in a suit where we have our own bathroom…so camping out by the toilet was completely okay.

Step 2: After the initial round try to crawl (do not stand up…such a bad choice) to your room. You are probably insanely dehydrated and although I’m sure you don’t want to drink water you should try to drink a little bit.

Step 3: Stay on the floor, don’t attempt to get to your bed there is no hope. Plus the cold tile will feel good on your face that is probably burning.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Step 5: I know you feel disgusting and your want to chew gum or brush your teeth, but this monster is not planning on living you alone until at least 3-4 hours later. So just slowly sip your water and wait it out.

Step 6: It has to stop sometime, if you are getting dizzy then just stay in the bathroom. Since you are probably extremely weak right now.

Step 7: Still haven’t stopped? Call your mom! That’s what I did. there is nothing worse than being sick and stuck in a dorm room that echos. (it sucks)

Step 8: Make it into your mom’s car, or bring a bag with you so you are covered.

Step 9: While in the car lose your eyes and smile. For some reason smiling suppresses the need to throw up, and there is nothing worse than  having to throw up out of a car.

Step 10: lay on the bathroom with a pillow or with out and wait for it to stop.

Step 11: Go to sleep .

Hopefully this has something helpful and anyone who is yet to get the stomach flu can follow my guide and power through!

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