Why I’m okay with being Rejected by Columbia

With two months left of school and now no plan afterwards I should be freaking out a little more than I am now. But honestly, now that I’ve processed everything…I’m fine.

Last night I got the news that Columbia wasn’t going to be meeting me in August. I was heartbroken, I have wanted to go to the Columbia J school since Freshman year of high school. I sat and cried while continually rereading the rejection letter hoping I had read it wrong or that it would magically change if I looked at it long enough. It didn’t. And the more I stared at it the clearer it became I needed to close the window and get ice cream.

Columbia has been turning out journalists for years, and I’m sure they are all great writers. But I could never be one of them, I have my way of writing and my way of thinking. I don’t need a school to tell me I’m good at what I do, the hits on this blog and my posts for Collegecandy tell me that. Not to mention, I don’t like writing news…at all. I actually want to write about celebrities and pop culture, I would absolutely love to write an article on finding the best LBD for your body shape. That is what I want to write about. I don’t expect anything I write about to be some amazing life changing story, I just want it to entertain someone for the brief seconds or minutes it takes them to read it.

At work today I realized that in order to be a writer you can’t count on other people thinking you are good. You can only count on yourself, and while I have felt like that for most of my life, with my writing I always turned to other people’s opinions on how to make it better or to see if they thought it was good enough. When really, I needed to convince myself that it was good enough first…since my opinion is the one that really matters (Not including editors and potential publishing companies).

So, thank you Columbia for rejecting me. You have helped me realize my potential, and that I don’t need an ivy league school to tell me I can write.

One thought on “Why I’m okay with being Rejected by Columbia

  1. Courtney, I’m being totally honest when I say that you’re one of the best, most motivated writers I know. I’ve looked up to you for the past year and a half and I hope to be HALF the writer you are some day. I hate to sound cliche, but “when one door closes, another one opens.” Maybe Columbia wasn’t in the cards for you, but I KNOW you’ll find your way- and I’m glad that you have faith in yourself. Stay strong and go hard.

    PS- Just to throw in my usual bit of conspiracy: I’m sure that half the “students” accepted were just Upper West Side princesses that had their daddies pay off the deans.

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