Pancakes and Relationships

The most important things in life are good food, good friends, and even better lovers. In my short, yet intense, last year I learned quite a bit about that last part…and how exactly I manage to screw it up all the time.

Before last year, I wasn’t what you would call experienced in the dating world. Yes, I had gone on a date or two (literally…) and yes I had, had the crushes you lust over for months (only to find out it’s better to stay just friends), but actual dating experience…about zip.

All of which changed immensely in November, from the first date on, I was on a mission. A mission for what I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, I became a pro at the first date. Any dates past that though, didn’t really turn out that hot.

Maybe it was my reckless abandonment, or the fact that I believed every guy I met was my soul mate. But it seemed that whenever I got started on something (more than three dates) it always ended in disaster.

You see, this is what I figured out last night… but with pancakes.

Pancakes are fairly easy to cook right? you pour the batter, let it heat up and bubble, then flip. If you give it just enough heat, and pay attention to it, it comes out perfect.

My pancakes never come out perfect, they usually start as circles and end up as burnt triangles.

I can’t trust that the pancake is actually cooking once flipped, because I can’t see the bubbleness. So I cut into it, making it an ugly mess, usually cook it too long, causing intense burns and smoke. Then when I have destroyed it I flip it on my mom’s old bowl-dish.

After completing the process two or three more times, I turn off the burner, race to my room to stop the beeping and begin to lather my sorry excuse for pancakes in syrup. All the while comparing them to the perfection of my mom’s.

But, what I realized is that my pancakes will never be my mom’s (eventually they will be better), and the more I practice not mutilating them the better they will look (inside and out).

There are about a million recipes for making pancakes, and even though you follow them to a T it doesn’t mean they’ll come out looking perfect. You need to adapt for each pancake, and eventually you’ll create your own recipe that works perfectly (or close to it) for you. Just don’t give up.

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