It’s the End of a Chapter, Not the World

2012 doomsday prep

According to many important, fairly crazy, people the world will be ending in exactly eight days.

If you couldn’t tell I’m not on a doomsday prepper. But, hey, if I’m wrong feel free to point it out while you live in the side of a mountain away from the collapse of society.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research, not because I think that the world will actually end, but because I want to get my facts straight. Turns out, the Mayans, and many South American and Mexican cultures will be celebrating the end of the era by ringing in the beginning of a new one.

That’s right, the people closet to the rumors are actually celebrating, not hiding in their basements or getting ready to commit heinous acts of self violence.

As many sane people would suspect, the mayan calendar is ending – not the world.

December 21st at 12:00am will mark the beginning of a new era, a new chapter, a new year. Not the implosion of our world, though Hollywood and many other beneficiaries of the fearful goldmine would have you believe otherwise.

As we embark in this new chapter it’s important to look back. If this had been the end of the world would you be happy with how your life has turned out? What would you have done differently?

For that matter, why should the end of the world make us want to live our lives better? Why shouldn’t we strive everyday for a better life? Why should we continue to be afraid of talking to the people we want in our lives, but aren’t quite there yet?

I’m guilty of all of the above. I wish I could say I’ve been living like the world was about to end – but I haven’t. I’ve been continuing to live in fear – a different kind of fear, fear of failing to strive for the American norm. But, come december 21st I don’t want to have any regrets moving forward  I’m ready to close this chapter and prepare for the happy, exciting, hopefully full-of-romance chapter that lies ahead in the new year.

Well, the first new year – because if you’ve been counting we get two of them this time around.

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